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New Words to an Ancient Rhythm

Here’s a prayer to help us connect with God in fresh ways.

How do the words resonate with you?  Is there a line for you to take away now?


Our Mother who dwells in all

Hallowed be your name;

Your presence come,

Your love be done,

In life as in death.

Show us today your flowing way.

Remind us of your pulse,

As we remind those whom we love of your heartbeat.

Lead us fully into balance,

Unite us with your dance;

For yours is the process, the light and the darkness,

Forever and ever,


“Look Mum, no parachute…”

In this film, a man jumps out of a plane without a parachute and lands on a trampoline inside a hangar.  The stunt is possible because of three things:  (1) he has experience in skydiving (though he has not done this before);  (2) he is securely wearing a high tech and well-tested homing device to guide him through the air;  (3) there is a specially made trampoline to land on. It also takes courage and very careful preparation.

Now watch the film and answer the question below.

Are you as prepared as you can be for the issues you face?

Be courageous in preparation and prepared for acts of courage.

The Working Weak

During the middle ages, a traveller once came upon a quarry where hundreds of men were hard at work. The traveller got talking, and asked them what they were doing.

The first man was very grumpy.  “I’m having to cut these massive boulders with the most basic tools. The sun’s hot and we hardly get a break.  I’m aching, hot, tired – and what’s it all for?”

The second man said, “Well, I have a wife and children at home. My wife does what she can and I do what I can. I cut these stones into regular shapes and we keep food on the table.

The third man looked up with shining eyes.  He pointed to the sky.  “I’m building a cathedral!” he said.

What are you building?



My Heart

Listen to this music.

Close your eyes and imagine a scene.

How do the scene and the music speak to you?

Is there a connection?  Is it a comfort?  Is there a call of some kind?

And how does this replenish you as you return to where you were before?

The music is an excerpt from Evo Srcu by Hungarian band, Söndörgó, taken from their latest CD Tamburocket - Hungarian Fireworks.  The title, in Croatian, means "My Heart".

This is the beginning of a new place…

… a new time, and a new opportunity…

The aim is to provide a collection of images, films, words, songs that will bring refreshment, peace, and renewal in times of stress and depletion.

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